How to Keto in a Mexican Restaurant

So, Mexican and Latin restaurants are usually not very Keto Diet friendly. Often, they don’t have any VD Shakes (Michelob Ultra), but you can run with straight liquor, if you are so inclined. I usually try to get the lowest carb beer they have, because although Margaritas and Daiquiris are awesome, just one often blows the day’s carb budget. My first post, How We Lost 69 Pounds, shows the relative carb counts of some beers. Later, I’ll post a list of beers with low carbs, but lots of others have done that, so drop a google search on the name of the beer and carbs and it’s pretty easy to find. Trust me, the VD Shake is the optimum, and if something comes up to supplant it, you will hear it here!

Enjoying a VD Shake on my dock on a foggy day!

Tonight Alina wanted to go on a hot date when she got home, so I had to abandon my Sunset Farms sausage plan. The sausages are just for me, as no one else but my eldest, Danny, who is away at college, like sausages. Their loss. Alina was thinking Mexican, so off we went. One good thing about this particular Mexican Restaurant is that they do have VD Shakes, and they serve them in tall frosty glasses!

Chips and Salsa and Fresh Guacamole, YUM!

To eat the chips and salsa and guac, use tiny pieces of chips, heavy on the quac. Eat the tiny piece, or, use larger pieces like a spoon, and discard the chips. See those little pieces on the table next to the salsa? I’m tossing them out, can’t be double dipping! Of course you can use a fork or spoon, but that might be a little weird, right? Hold the beans and rice, ideally, hold the burrito too, but they can get pretty confused when you completely change the menu on them, so work with it and exercise your rights when it gets to the table.

Shrimp Burrito, Unwrapped and Naked

Just eat the good stuff on the inside, and leave the burrito wrapper on your plate. Alina likes steak fajitas, they are easier because most of the stuff comes on the side, and you have to wrap your own fajita. Don’t do it, just eat it open faced.

Open Faced Steak Fajita with a side of Sauteed Veggies

This restaurant has sauteed veggies as a side. That’s nice, but note this is heavy on the peppers. Peppers are pretty good on a Keto Diet, because usually you aren’t eating too many of them. If you finish off this plate, you went pretty deep in carb land, and you may end up with heartburn if you are so inclined. Hit the steak, cheese and guac hard, and soon you won’t be hungry for the other stuff.. 🙂

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1 thought on “How to Keto in a Mexican Restaurant

  1. I love Mexican food. The keto way works and still allows me to eat the food I love!


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