Collards with Bacon Eggs and Jalapeno Jack Cheese – Keto Diet Comfort Food

This morning it was a little chilly, rainy, overcast and foggy over the river.  I was looking for a little warming comfort food.  Hope you’ll join me!

As I noted in my first post, How we lost 69 pounds!, I started this journey about one year ago, inspired by a picture of “Eggs in the Forest.”  I’ll post it another day.  It was in February, which is also the month of Valentine’s Day, which I have always referred to as VD.  That makes this VD month, meaning Vince Diet Month, or Valentine’s Day Month, your choice, but in honor of VD Month, I am going to post a lot, and I am going to start a video channel on You Tube.

On to today’s meal.  Start by sautéing bacon over medium/low heat so that you don’t scorch the leavings too much, as they are going to be used to fry an egg (for me – Alina prefers omelets or scrambled eggs, so that is what I made for her).

BaconWhile Alina and I are serious about sticking with our modified Keto Diet, our teenage boys are powering down donuts and bagels and headed out to a lacrosse team event.  There’s no accounting for the eating habits of teenage boys, and ours are healthy and active, so we don’t worry too much about what they are eating.

When the Bacon is about half-finished, move it to the side and add collard greens directly to the pan in the center, hottest part of the pan.

Bacon and CollardI am using simple, unseasoned chopped, frozen collard greens, Publix Brand.  While fresh greens would be preferable, since I am the only one eating them, it makes much more sense to just buy a frozen package and grab what I need for a particular meal and pop the rest back in the freezer.  You will find that I shop almost exclusively at Publix, because where I am it’s too far to any of the trendy overpriced places, and I believe in convenience and efficiency.  If it’s hard, most people simply won’t do it.  I am no exception, so I am pretty sure that you will be able to pick up anything I write about at your nearest grocery store or big box of choice.  If not, and it is non-perishable, I bet you can get it shipped from or someone else.

While the collard greens are sizzling, I poured one beaten egg into a side pan, lightly oiled with olive oil for Alina’s Pepper Jack Cheese Omelette. Omelette (2)

Quickly stirring the collard greens while the egg is setting, I then added grated Pepper Jack Cheese (Alina handled the grating of the cheese, thanks sweetie).


Using a soft, flexible rubber spatula, I fold over the omelette and reduce heat to low so it doesn’t over cook while finishing the meal.

Omelette 2

I rearranged the collard greens and bacon, and cracked an egg into the middle, seasoning it with a little salt and pepper.

Collards and Eggs

As soon as the egg had set, I turned it over, as I like my eggs over hard.  I added the pepper Jack Cheese, and moved the hot collard greens on top so that it would all melt together.  Like most things I cook, I hit it with a little Vinny’s Not So Secret Seasoning.  That recipe is up now, check it out here.


It was pretty awesome, as you can see my dog Diesel wanted in on the action.

Hope you enjoy!

Collard Pie Nutrition

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5 thoughts on “Collards with Bacon Eggs and Jalapeno Jack Cheese – Keto Diet Comfort Food

  1. Great post. Very visual and informative. Boy am I hungry to try that now.


    1. Thanks for the comments, Glad you are enjoying it!


  2. Love the details. The omelet and bacon were a great start to my day!


    1. You are the best start to every day!


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